music monday: volume iii

you kids do know that i don’t actually plan out music monday, don’t you? if you didn’t, thanks for thinking so highly of me. now go ahead and burst that bubble you think i live in. because i absolutely pick the music on monday, depending on what hits me and strikes my fancy. and you can bet your booty it’s always going to be rando, given that my iPod ranges from rap to christian to 80s to pop punk and everything in between. except heavy metal and scream-o. you’ll never catch that crap in my ears. if you do – punch me. seriously.

this week’s feature is j lo – circa 2009. i honestly don’t know how this cd wound up in my library because i have zero recollection of buying or burning it. oh well. i’m glad it made an appearance today. the beat makes you start bouncing, just like any other j lo song sung in english. sorry, i just don’t bust a move to her spanish stuff. probably because i have no idea what she’s saying and i’m a lyrics girl. back to the beat. it was the perfect upbeat song to bounce into work to. i’m still wondering what the guy thought stopped next to me at the traffic light. sorry you had to see that, dude.

anywhoodle. the song: what is love. check out the vid and give a solid listen to the lyrics. i double dog dare you not to dance.

But I’ve wished for so long for someone to come and show me
Lead by example ’cause I’ve been waiting
I’ve tried every age,
I’m so tired of the game
I wanna be somebody’s girl, would you show me the way?

What if I never find and I’m left behind
Should I keep hoping for love?
What if I’m still the same
Status doesn’t change?
Gotta keep hoping for love

I’ve had blind dates, hooked up with some real flakes
I’ve gone out with church boys, musician’s are the worst
I’ve tried so hard ’cause I’m just so die hard
Tried my best to play the part, wish you could see inside

kinda poignant for my life, eh? i thought you’d agree.

enjoy, lovellies. it’s time for this girl to try to get some shut eye and fight off the insomnia intruder who’s been visiting me way too much lately.



introducing: the cab

it’s just another magic, er, music monday, from the blogger girl who just might have seen magic mike tonight. interesting flick. go for the dancing, not the story. let’s just leave it at that.

so last week, when i was making coasters, i was listening to pandora like i normally do. i like it better than iheartradio most of the time. instead of my go-to stations, i decided to search andy grammer and see what goodness panny-d had instore for me. as always, she didn’t let me down.

this time, she introduced me to a band called the cab. never heard of them before. considering they’re on an indie label, and they play my stereotypical pop punk/rock tunes, they should’ve been infiltrating my ear drums long ago. but they weren’t. now they are, though, and i’m pretty sure i’ll be purchasing an album or two in the near future.

they’re headed out on tour, opening for maroon 5 in south korea, this fall…pshyeahhh of course i like them if they’re on tour with my boyyyys! right now, they’re bringing their music to a city near you with parachute {they have a single with lady antebellum} – another band i found on the same pandora station {cbus isn’t on this hit list for summah ’12. dangit}. you should probably check them out, too, while you’re looking for the cab’s goodness.

here’s your bedtime lullaby AKA the single off their newest album, symphony soldiers…

or perhaps this is more your flav? {or maybe it’s the song that makes you realize you’ve heard them before – and know their music. yep. that just happened to me. that’s blogging for you folks!}


sleep tight, lovellies.

music monday: jason mraz

i’m a big fan of the m-r-a-z. call him the geek in the pink, or whatever you want, i like his style, his vibe, his tone, everything! he rawks my ears and sings to my soul. he can pull off just about any style as far as i’m concerned, minus heavy metal. doubt he could make that one happen. his music always hits home with me, and there’s more than just words and notes. his writing is passionate. you know he’s writing from the heart.

like his single, which i’m sure you’ve heard by now {unless you live under a rock, listen to your iPod, or have satellite radar}, really, really, really is raw. it makes me tear up every single time i hear it. that’s when you know you’re listening to a good musician. if you haven’t seen the video – you haaaave to watch it! i just did for the first time this evening, and it’s just as haunting as the song. you can see the pain on the faces of the actors, and you can see the emotion on jason’s face as he sings. it’s amazing. kudos to the director – this is such a well done video.

and, let’s get real, if you’ve spent anytime around here at all, you know there are times i totes agree with the title of this album: love is a four letter word.

what do you think of the mr-a-z? it can’t just be me that loves listening to him.

ciao, bellas.