where my tweeps at?

do you live in licking county?

do you use twitter?

do you enjoy mindless chatter?

do you like meeting people?

are you a fan of hanging on a patio?

do you enjoy a cold beverage?

if you answered yes to questions 1 & 2 – and any of the other ones, we better see you at red oak pub on monday!

hope to see your smiling faces soon! if you haven’t had the pleasure of  meeting me yet {i jest}, i’ll be the girl in the aviators drinking an apple orchard. really. now, what’re you waiting for?! there’s a brand new restaurant beckoning, and we’re not ones to leave that call unanswered. now, go tell your friends you now have crazy awesome plans for after work on monday & repost and retweet this puppy, please!


the works isn’t just for curious kids!

you have got to be curious about what went down at the licking county tweetup tonight. if you saw any of the tweets flying around the twitterverse with #LCtweetup, you probably think we’ve all lost it. or you’re dying to get in on the fun next time {spoiler alert: we just miiiiight be at my favorite downtown newark recording studio or getting close to the water to hang at a local brewery!}. i’ll keep you posted as more deets unfold and we iron out plans.

anywhoodle. hop on over to cheri’s place on the webosphere and see what fun we got into this evening…let’s just say we found our inner child and let her {or him…} loose for a couple hours. we built race cars, watched a strobe light & a spinning dial turn a piece of pizza into a whole pie, refracted light, bounced lasers off mirrors, wrote on a piece of glass with light sticks, whipped around on a skateboard, and explored the works from a new perspective. fantastic. i knew the works had all kinds of good stuff for kids to explore and learn, but i had no idea how good it was, until tonight. it’s a wonderful place to take your children. highly suggest you check it out if you’re looking for something closer and cheaper than COSI – it definitely competes, just on a smaller level.

i absolutely love these events; i’ve gotten to know so many tweeps so much better!

oh, and if you were wondering, i’m a basket weaver in my spare time {read cheri’s post to see what i’m alluding to!}. the picture is proof. sometimes i even wear my blacksmith apron.

now, a lil preview to whet your whistle:

time to tweetup!

it’s that time again, y’all! if you live in licking county {or don’t, heck, who cares!}, are a happy go lucky lil tweetheart like me, and love exploring curious places like The Works, then we certainly hope to see you tomorrow!

make sure you tweet to our friends @attheworks and let them know you’re attending so you have a shot at winning the handblown glass from the studio! see ya on the flip side.