photographic memory

smile for the birdie? say cheese? whomever came up with these things…well, let’s face it, they were either lunatics or trying to make a toddler grin. apparently, it worked, and it stuck. so, now, i’m behind the camera, welcoming you to take a look at life through my lens. disclaimer: sometimes this lens is self-reflective.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – aaron siskind

i like to wear chucks, frequently. meet the turquoise pair...applying pressure to the brake pedal.

on birthdays in my family, we celebrate with DQ ice cream cakes. the tradition seems to be dying tongues with icing & making silly faces.

meet amber. she is quite entertaining..., and vertically challenged.

we love our buckeyes, even when were on the beach in a state that is most obviously not ohio.

ashley (l) and hannah (r) - 2 of my 3 cousins who live in Michigan. I went up to visit in July & spent the weekend with them in Pentwater. Love them to pieces, dont get to see them nearly enough.

the main men in my & brother. theyre studs.

i learned how to shoot guns this winter, check me out with my super sweet 12 gauge shotgun. i hit the target, dont you worry.

have you ever seen such a silly four-legged critter? shes silly (and she loves snuggling with her papa wobger!).

twob. these ladies, are my best friends in the world. and, thats the largest rocking chair in gatlinburg.

this would be the infamous lauren (my faithful, loyal, blog-lover), who was my roomie at the OC. she looks hot in a lei, doesnt she? rawrrr, leopard.

oops, the camera wound up aimed at me again. hate it when that happens.

these are my parental units. they're pretty outstanding. and silly.

our family friends throw a buffett party around their pool each summer. dad and i get leid and liquored up on pinas. highlight of the summer, every year!

i smooch statues.

i look like a realtor.

brother and i like soccer a lot. and making dumb faces.

my favorite place to be on a saturday during football season.

my kitty...who looks like she's been dippin' into the sauce.

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