spring break? what’s that?

it’s spring break around these parts.  it’s also the time of year i kick myself for not being a teacher. and in about 3 months, i’ll swiftly kick myself again and question why i didn’t decide to run a classroom and educate young minds. then i’ll quickly realize i don’t have the patience, the focus, or the desire to be responsible for educating the youth of america. no thank you. but yes please to the holidays, breaks, summer vacations and other perks of that career.

i’ve had serious writer’s block lately. that’s no secret. i’m going to blame it on my crazy busy schedule and desire to get out and do things instead of sitting down and blogging. sorry. i love you. i really do. and i’m glad you take time to visit my corner o’ the interwebs. bless you. i just have a bazillion irons in the fire and something has to give. right now, it’s blogging. who knows how long it will last. i’m just not in the mood.

i am however in the mood for a getaway. probably because at precisely this moment last year, i was sleeping in a bed in the hotel boston in montecatini, italy. i’m clearly not on vacation. okay, maybe that’s not clear. but it is now. i’m at home. definitely not blogging from a super awesome destination. bummer, right? right. especially since i could be going to ireland this week. and by “could be going” i mean if i signed up and paid for the trip. but i didn’t. because my plan is to do europe again in 2014. every other year seems like a solid, smart, super awesome thing. agreed?

three years before that i was chilling {quite literally} on the sand in north myrtle beach with two of my teacher friends. we froze our butts off, but it was so great to hit the beach in march. so what if we were in bathing suits wrapped up in towels? totes worth it. although very hard to hold a book and read when you’ve got a death grip on a towel…

and before that, i don’t know when my last true spring  break vacation thing was. all i remember is chicago circa 2005, my senior year in college, with jess. at least i think that’s when we went. maybe it was junior year. i have no idea, really. everything runs together now {another sign i’m getting old or that my short term memory sucks?}.

anyone have a favorite spring break story? destination? travel buddy? tell me, please, so i can be jealous, and go there with you in my mind. sorry if that’s creepy. not intentional.

oh, and go bucks. can i get an O-H?! i love march madness. it’s super fun. especially when the buckeyes are on a heater. and especially when i get to watch aaron craft own people. that is awesome. and he’s going to marry my cousin {get it girl!}, he just doesn’t know yet. which is also creepy, perhaps? oh well. that’s how we do, right HMP?

and now, back to knitting i go…after i finish up some more coasters. c’est la vie.

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spring giveaway: calling all runners!


hey kids. my new friend laura over at fit running mama found me on etsy and asked if i’d be a part of her fabulous spring giveaway. i couldn’t say no. well, i could, but that’s not my style {at least not in cases like this}. if you want a set of race bib {or other} elegant elliephant coasters, plus some other awesome running gear {like a skirt or a shirt}, head on over to laura’s blog and start entering. there’s some great stuff up for grabs!

the giveaway went live this morning and there are already over 60 entries. if you’re not one of these, high tail your buns into gear and get bizzy! i’m kind of blown away by the super sweet things people are saying about my coasters. talk about a morning high and putting a silly grin on my face…y’all are too sweet.

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friday’s letters

i’m finally on top of things and linking up with ashley. please excuse me while i fist pump, jersey shore style. twice. i’ve been wanting to get on board with this link up for way too long. and i’m having a little moment that i finally made magic  happen.

dear ymca: walking on your track is great.
until i stop. then i’m hella dizzy.
what’s up with that?

dear self: you shop a lot healthier when you go to the grocery after working out.
you buy better food. like soy milk. and luna bars.
whomever you are, i’m okay with you sticking around.
you’re gonna be good for my bod.

dear united way: why must your breakfast begin at 6:45?
since i love you, i’ll come celebrate with you.
but please, don’t talk to me until i’ve had coffee.
it’s in your best interest.

dear march: you aren’t doing it for me.
quit snowing. start shining.
that’s all i have to say about that.

dear thin mints: you are my nemesis.
you are delightful.
you are the reason i go to the gym.


dear closet: i know, i’m sick of the winter wardrobe too.

dear bedroom: i promise you’re getting painted soon.
mama’s just gotta quit putting off the inevitable and march her happy lil tail into sherwin williams to pick out paint. i’m sorry i’ve neglected you.

dear o.a.r: your tickets go on sale tomorrow.
you’re coming to cbus with one of my favorite men {andrew mcmahon}.
for this, i love you even more than usual.
see you in july.

dear twenties: your days are fleeting. let’s live it up while it lasts!

TGIF, lovellies! any super fun plans this weekend? i’m a little stoked to spend some significant time with my bestie {that’d be my mama in case you’re just arriving at this partay}. this time last year we were getting ready to jet-set to italy, so we’re doing the next best thing…stocking up at palumbo’s {it’s an italian market in town if you’re unaware. and it’s mindblowingly fantastic}! then we’ll go on a treasure hunt for antique and vintage goodies, and celebrate brobie’s birthday on sunday. i’m really not excited at all. obvi.

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what you don’t know {but should}

Jac and I are working on a link up. But while we’re slackers slow, we decided we’d informally link it up today. Just for shiggles.

There are plenty of things you don’t know about me. That’s because you don’t know me. Or you don’t know me that well. Something like that. Sorry mom, none of these are new to you.

Allow me to school you on yours truly…
- I rarely finish a drink, there’s almost always something in the bottom of the cup. Like backwash, or floaters. Ew.
-  I may or may not still sleep with a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was like 10. I like to have something wedged under my arm. Sorry if that’s weird.
- I’m a wee bit obsessed with office supplies.
- I have a birthmark on the back of my left leg and a solitary freckle on the palm of my left hand.
- I hate writing in pencil. What of it? I don’t make mistakes…except when I put a sharpie in my coffee mug today. That was dumb.
- I cannot make big purchases without geeking out. But that seems pretty normal.
- I teach Facebook classes at the bank. It’s fun(ny).
- I love greeting cards and getting snail mail. Who wants to be my pen pal?!
- I’ll never, ever turn down a spontaneous dance party.
- If Ke$ha comes on the radio the station gets changed. Period.
- I don’t like hummus. I’ve tried. It’s just not happening.
- There are 4 books on my night stand. I’ve started each one but haven’t gotten past page 20. Abandon ship?
- My hair goes in a pony if I wear a scarf. Hair on scarf bugs me. And produces static like woah.
- I can’t do simple math in my head anymore. This saddens me.

That’s enough for now. Any surprises?