happy hour {spice girls. bellinis. new projects.}

it’s already week two of the happy hour linkup with jac. can you believe it?! yoinks. tomorrow is our big associate appreciation breakfast at work. i’m definitely looking forward to it, but i’m nervous too! i’m co-m/c-ing the special surprise portion of the meeting. eeps!! let’s hope i wake up on the funny side of the bed.

anywhoodle. let’s talk about what’s hitting my happy bone this week.

  1. spice girls reunion. is it at all surprising that the spice girls reunion in the closing ceremony is topping my list this week? so much awesomeness and so many amazing memories crammed into 4 minutes. i loved wanted to be baby spice. sporty spice still scares me.
  2. bellinis from brio. seriously. is there anything better? one of those $7 tasty critters makes me invincible.

  3. brother time. the lil brat was home from PA this weekend. granted, i only got to see him sunday, but it’s always good to have a lil face time. he makes me giggle. send up some happy thoughts and prayers for him tomorrow if you think of it. he’s taking his big test for work. it’s a really big deal guys, so let’s rally and get him through it. with our powers combined…
  4. sanctus real. i listened to them crazy loud to and from church yesterday. it was pretty fantastic. they’re my favorite christian rock band, for sure. and speaking of church, you’ll probably start finding me in new albany on sunday mornings. my heart is telling me that NAC is the winner.
  5. making progress. that’s right. i’m back on the ‘adventures of a homebuyer’ train. i’m making strides to whip the upstairs into shape. a friend’s hubs is an electrician so he came over last night to look around and give me an estimate. in the near future i will have ceiling fans in both upstairs rooms and the capability to install lighting on the wall in the bathroom instead of the dumb overhead thing. i have the itch to power through some home projects. woot!

link up with me and the super-sweet jac – we promise happy hour makes you feel so much better, whether you’re down in the dumps or flying high with your head in the clouds.

you lovellie lil buggers better have a crazy great monday. i mean it!

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4 thoughts on “happy hour {spice girls. bellinis. new projects.}

  1. What is NAC? Are you no longer going to 2nd Pres? I’ve been saying I’ll find a new church ever since I left Nerk but it’s never happened haha We even have a great one about 4 miles away that I keep meaning to go to. It’s embarassing how lazy we are :\

    • New Albany Church. I still go to SPC sometimes, but I’ve been church hopping the past few months looking for what was missing. I’m happily driving 25 minutes to worship and I LOVE it. You can join me any time!

  2. Ahhh – yes those bellinis are yummy!! We like to make them at the lake too- I’ve tried many combos and my fav is to puree peaches and top with prosecco! You’ll be great tomorrow! Keep posting- your blogs make me smile.

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