happy hour: episode ii

is it me, or does episode make posts seem more like TV shows. like they’re cataloged? sure there’s your typical chapters, editions, volumes, yada-yada-yada, but i’m kinda feeling the episode vibe tonight. annnnywhoodle. link up with me and miss jac-ity-jac-don’t-talk-back for happy hour monday!

let’s try this button thing again…i’m really hoping it’s grab-able.

my happiness meter is at an 8.7, here’s why:

summer sunsets. when i look out my window and see a brilliant sky full of colors, i can’t help but my thinking my main man JC grabbed a paintbrush and went to tooooowwwwn. i live for nights like these. so much so that i stood in my patio last night and just looked up. true story. bet the neighbs wondered what i was up to.

time. i finally had me time yesterday. it was glorious. i baked – banana bread and muffins. i got my refrigerator organized for lunches this week. i cleaned! and i sat on my buns, watching the olympics, getting stuff ready for the art show next month. which leads me to…

new ideas. this whole craft show thing is new to me. but i’m having such a blast coming up with new ideas {with jess, duh}. DIY clipboards for order-taking. packaging for magnets. a whole new line of magnets. time leads to new ideas, and new ideas lead to more customers. you get where this is going.


pilates. but not just any pilates. aero pilates, with chantal kreviazuk in the background, singing my favorite. song. ever. really. i want this to be the first dance at my wedding. {future husband, whoever you are, just let me have my way with this one, please?} but pilates, yeah, i’m not gonna walk real well tomorrow. LOVE IT.

candles. it doesn’t take much with me, does it? lighting a candles makes a place seem so much warmer and homier. we can agree on this one. right? i heart candles. now keeping my furballs away from them, that’s another story.

now, if you’re gonna join the party…the lil blue froggy guy below will link you up! {i know it’s not a frog, but it looks like it. kinda. no?}

toodles, lovellies. time for this bia to slam a taco salad. nom nom!

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One thought on “happy hour: episode ii

  1. If you’re referring to the song Home, that was was our first dance at our wedding last August. I absolutely love it and think it fits perfectly for a love story :)

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