sunday social: volume ii

i’ve been productive today. that doesn’t typically happen on sundays. but i’m glad it did. because it makes life that much easier. i whipped up banana bread and muffins this morning. i finished 28 stone magnets and started 44 glass bubble ones. i got my first batch of coasters ready for festiville. i went to the grocery. i watched the olympics with a cup of coffee. and now i’m chilling at my parents, awaiting our weekly sunday dinner. {they’re all watching beach volleyball while i post this. eff.}

i read neely’s blog this morning and knew without a doubt i’d be full throttle for this week’s link up. fall’s my favorite season, and this one’s all about my beloved autumn. let’s dive in!

1. what is your favorite fall activity? tailgating for football games. going on walks. picking apples at the orchard. drinking coffee {or hot apple cider!} on a porch in a rocking chair with a blanket and a good book.

2. do you follow a football team? if so which one and why? duh. do you know me? Ohio. State. Buckeyes! i might not have been a buckeye in college, but i’m a born and bred central ohioan and that makes me a buckeye by default. and if that’s not good enough, there’s an OSU campus where i live. so that has to qualify me. i love everything about buckeye football. the parties. the colors. the rivalries. the intensity. the tradition. the band. everrrryyyything. and when it comes to NFL, i’m all browns, baby. why? because i hate all cincinnati teams and will never be caught dead cheering for them. otherwise, i cheer for whatever team has an ohio state player alum on the roster.

3. what is something fun about fall in your area? obviously, ohio state tailgates win the prize here. however, there’s zero comparison to being IN the ‘shoe for game day. there’s other super fun stuff, too. there’s the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, and the zoo in the fall is always stellar, too. or taking a walk at dawes when the leaves are changing. that’s a must.

4. fav fall outfit staples? boots. skinnies. oversized sweaters. leggings. boot socks. scarves. fall is my favorite season, all around.

love the stripes+plaid   Tutorial on making leg warmers. Easy & cute idea!      i need this outfit.               dress + belt + cardi + tights + boots = <3

cute fall layers   tights+socks+boots   Awesome fall layers!   fall layers

5. thing you are looking forward to most about this coming fall season? i’m really hoping to get some lake-time in with the family in michigan. we’ll see if i can pull it off or not. and i think since festiville is technically in september {just barely}, it can count as something i’m looking forward to. it’s super stressful right now, but i’m hoping it’ll pay off big time. then i leave for the beach the next day. yay! early september is hands down our favorite time to visit the shores of north carolina. all the crazy tourists are gone and we get the place to ourselves! and i get crazy good prices on my favorite surfer brand threads. fact.

6. favorite fall holiday? i think thanksgiving is a given here, though i don’t love it as much as i used to. it’s kind of lackluster when your family is divided on the holidays. i guess this is where i should be thankful i still get to spend it with my immediate family. perhaps one very good thing about being single. brother and i are home with mom and dad, right where we always have been. it’s a small gathering, but it’s my family, and for that, i know i’m beyond blessed. but i certainly wouldn’t complain if we had 7 more visit us from that state up north!

that’s it for this week’s link-up! and now i’m hating summer even more and begging fall to get here oh-so-soon. i’m so over this blistering heat. haaaate it. if you’re digging the questions and want to join the party, link up with neely {a complete waste of makeup} and ashley {ashley’s carnival ride}!

see you lovellie peeps laters. i’m off to get mah grub onnnnn.

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