OMG she said boob!

yep. i’m going there. and call me stereotypical, but something tells me this title certainly grabbed a hold of the male audience by their you-know-whats. and no, there won’t be pictures. perv.

call them what you want: boobs, ta-tas, lady lumps, melons, jugs, or some other horribly slang inappropriate name, they’re breasts. they do, believe it or not, serve a purpose. however, the majority of the male population seems to think they’re pleasure pleasers and meant to be oogled. {hey. you. eyes up here, please.}

i read an article in glamour this week. that’s what’s prompting this post. it’s totally left field for me. i know. live with it. anyway. i don’t typically read those magazines. probably because i don’t really give two hoots about fashion. and the clothes, accessories and products in there are seriously over-priced and i don’t willingly subject myself to torture. but i digress. one of the main articles in this pup was all about the boobies. {zzz – how predictable} mister reporter guy was given an assignment to interview 1,000 dudes about the lady lumps. not going to lie, i was slightly shocked that 100% didn’t say that they want ginormous chest mountains. here’s the graphic from the mag:

you see, i’ve always been given shiz and gotten teased about my girls because i fall into that 51% category. it’s this thing that starts happening the minute the bumps sprout on your chest when you’re still a little girl – and usually mortified that the transition is happening. girls give each other crap. always. it never goes away. [trust me, i'm 29, and not much has changed.] it’s horrible the things girls say to each other to make themselves feel better. {be real, female population, we’re straight up bishes and some of y’all are just plain mean.} i’ve heard it all since i can remember. i’ve been told i needed to wear a training bra, the boobs have been call mosquito bites, i’ve been told you have to squint to see them, shoot, i’ve even been asked if i want a boob job {the answer is helllll to the no}. okay. we’ll stop there. you get the point. here’s my point: every single one of the mean things i’ve heard about my chest has been out of the mouth of a FEMALE. that’s right. guys don’t say that junk to you. because they’re just fascinated with what’s in front of them. but, girls do. because girls are mean. or they’re jealous. or they’re self conscious. or they think they’re funny and it makes them look cool.

bottom line: i. do. not. care. the good lord above gave me the body he wanted me to have. for a reason. it’s his temple. not yours. and not mine. so if you want to make fun of me because i couldn’t wear a c cup in my wildest dreams, you can. that’s fine. i hope it makes you feel better. just know that someday, yours will sag, and mine will still be where they started. mean? nope. that’s the truth.

face it ladies, someone’s are always going to be bigger or smaller or yours. some girls are going to pay for theirs to be bigger. others are going to pay for theirs to be smaller. some of us buy push-up bras because it makes us feel more confident. then there’s some of us who opt to wear double sports bras because we hate the bounce. the bottom line is, they’re just boobs. they’re tissue. they’re going to sag whether you like it or not. but from where i’m sitting, i’m glad there isn’t much to sag. that just means they’ll stay perky, longer. so, whether you think more than a handful is a waste, or if your motto is the bigger the better, you’re probably right – and it’s probably based on what you’re flaunting. but remember this: we’re all different. we’re all created by a maker who’s larger than us and thinks each of us is perfect. don’t base your opinion and self worth based on what society, or 1,000 guys in a stupid magazine say. own your body. be confident. be you. not someone else. and i’ll wager that the guy you’re with loves what’s on your chest, and what’s buried deep below – the stuff that really matters.

glad i got that off my chest. pun intended.

2 thoughts on “OMG she said boob!

  1. LOVE, love this post! You made me feel better about my body :) A long distance hiker (who holds the women’s record for fastest through-hike on the Appalachian Trail) named Jennifer Pharr Davis once said “in school when my friends were growing chests, I was growing calf muscles” and she said she much preferred the latter. I was just thinking about ta-ta’s last night (hear me out) while watching the Olympics. None of these women have large breasts. Ya know why? Because they’re athletic and built differently. This doesn’t make them any less attractive! Strong is the new skinny, people! And strong means you can’t have big ‘ol boobies bouncing around in your way haha Every time I feel self conscience about it, I remind myself that I wouldn’t be able to run with a larger chest. In the movie Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake said he liked Mila Kunis’ breasts. Her response was “really? They’re so tiny” to which he said “they’re still boobs”. Touché, JT. Why can’t every woman see it that way?

  2. I loved your post as well. The majority of my life, I’ve been a part of the 51%. As I went through college my boobs got bigger but that was because I gained weight so I actually felt worse about myself. Now that I’m a mother, my ta-ta’s get used for their intended purpose so I love my little ladies more now than I ever have. I have small boobs and I’m proud!

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