a healthy dose of honesty.

blogging isn’t easy. like, at all. in fact, i struggle with it a lot and give myself pep talks to sit down and start typing. which is weird. because i’m a talkative person and i have a healthy relationship with writing. it’s something i truly enjoy doing – whether it’s for work or play. that probably makes me weird. {but i don’t keep a journal because i don’t have the patience for it. my brain moves faster than i write. another oddity.}

it frustrates me to no end that blogging can be such a challenge. but, let’s be real {because that’s what i’m all about}. when you follow all-star bloggers like a cup of jo, living in yellow, j’s everyday fashion, and a complete waste of makeup, it’s easy to feel like you fall short. these blogs have sponsors, thousands of followers, businesses asking them to review their products {and sending them free stuff. HELLO – i will do that, too!!!}, linkups with other bloggers. omg. blows my mind. but there’s a big difference between me and thee. i don’t blog 24/7. it’s not my job. it’s just a thing i do. light bulb: i shouldn’t compare myself. but i do. because i want to be as sweet as they are. and i want to do cool things here!

i really never know what to write about when i open the laptop. most days i have random ideas pop into my skull but i dismiss them, forget about them or convince myself they aren’t worth the lines on the screen. that’s probably the wrong attitude. i’m pretty A.D.D. when it comes to life. there’s not one special thing that i am super incredibly good at or super passionate about. {don’t argue with me. it’s true} i love music and i like to sing, but i’m not a writer or a musician. i like to travel, but i’m by no means a world traveler – i stay more than i go. i don’t like fashion all that much, but i like looking good {what girl doesn’t}. i’m not an expert on make-up, i suck at doing my hair {because it’s super fine, and has zero volume!}, and accessorizing overwhelms me. i enjoy decorating my condo, but i have no business giving you tips or telling you how to decorate your space. i like flowers and gardening, but my thumb may be black and i have a tendency to kill them. see my dilemma? i’m all over the place.

i’m giving myself a mental mind check here, people. this blog was started to track my progress as a homeowner, and all my projects. then it morphed into a platform to talk about my coaster & magnet biz. now, it’s a personal collection of thoughts, things, and my trekking through life. i write about faith and religion, even though i falter more than i should. i write about music, because finding new artists and sharing their goodness matters to me. i write about dating and relationships, because i’m 29 and single, and that’s what happens – you need somewhere to vent, and i choose here. specifically, i choose you. sometimes i write about current events, because i get passionate. and then there are times i write about sports, because i love all things scarlet & grey. and all-too-often, i write about the two and four legged things in my life that breathe. i write about clothes and shopping, finding good deals, and to-die-for accessories. i write about crafting, because that tends to take up a big part of my life. i’m sure i’ll write about my business, the stores where i sell my goodness, and what i’m trying next.

i don’t want my blog to have limits. i don’t even want you silly kids to have expectations. other than when you’re here, you’ll learn someone new, about something you maybe wanted to know nothing about. hold me accountable. if i’m boring you, tell me. if you like something, tell me. if you disagree, think i’m crazy, have a tip for other blogs i should check out, places to shop, speak up. i speak for blogger nation when i say comment. puhhhleeeze. there’s nothing worse than no feedback and not hearing from your audience. i can’t get better if i don’t know what you’re thinking. and you sure as all get out don’t want me reading your mind. trust me. i’m not telepathic. {but it would be super sweet if i was…i think}

there’s your daily dose of honesty, ellie style. now, i want to name this beast, appropriately. jac has messy hair and cowboy boots, meg has dabbles on ellis, and nikki is aptly named raindrops on wednesday. help me, y’all. give me an identity!

i’m relying on you here, sweet peas. i need to know what you want me to weigh in on, and what you’d name me. there may even be a magnet or pair of coasters in it for you. now that i’ve whet your whistle…get suggesty {but not suggestive, please}, i’ve got a corona to drink and bottle rockets to shoot.


6 thoughts on “a healthy dose of honesty.

  1. Your last post was so random and so you it crackede up. – so I suggest you tename the blog “Nude Heels”. It seems like it would fit for so maby reasons :)

  2. I love reading the random awesomeness of your blog! Especially this one! It makes you not only easy to relate to you, but left me thinking “Wow. I really want to be friends with his cool Ellie chick!”. :)
    Seriously tho, love reading your blog! I enjoy the different topics & randomness cuz I don’t want to read about the same topic all the time like most “big city professional bloggers”. You’ve got the right stuff, miss Ellie!

  3. Just remember “why” we blog…Kurt H. told me it is to amuse ourselves. Another blogger from the Big Easy explains that it is to give readers a view “from our window”. I’ve been following you for well over a year now and you seem to do a very good job of both. Try not to stress and enjoy the ride.

    Ray….A Simple,Village Undertaker

  4. I could not have said this better myself. It’s EXACTLY how I feel about my own blog. I get it. It’s frustrating to write a post then have no comments at all, or even worse, hardly anyone reads it lol As for a name… how about “Artistic Autonomy”?

  5. Forgot to discuss this with you at lunch today. Blogging should be for YOU. Don’t try to write things you think other people will like. Write what makes you happy, or sad, or about things going on in your life. If you find something interesting that you think others could learn from, write about it. In my opinion, the most interesting blogs I read have some view into a person’s life through their story. I can read through stories upon stories to get the latest news or current events. I’m not looking for that when I read your blog. Keep writing like you have been and just enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. What matters is that you just be yourself! Love ya!

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