Friday night by candlelight

Newark was pounded by a super heavy storm system right around 5p. After 80+ mph straightline winds, our town is a mess. No power. Trees uprooted. Downed powerlines. Debris everywhere. Closed and blocked roads.

It’s sticky, steamy, and eerily quiet, except for the churn of the neighbor’s generator.

About 24,000 are without power around here. Substations were taken out, which means we are going to be powerless at least through Saturday. Joy. And 115,000 don’t have power in Franklin County.

Check out my parents’ neighbor’s backyard…


And my grandma’s front yard view…


I wish I had skills like the pioneers, or at least the Amish. Right now, I’m just prayerfully grateful that everyone is safe and the damage we sustained is less than minor. Others weren’t as lucky, and my heart is with them tonight.

Now, time to sweat it out sleeping on a couch while Nana snoozes next to me in a recliner, bathed in candlelight.

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