come what may

did you notice the new header when you landed here to read my ramblings? maybe you did. maybe you didn’t. if you didn’t, i implore you to take a look. the words {and picture} are new. i’m quite tempted to change my URL, but i have no idea how many people are linked up with hempleep, so i’m leaving that as-is, for now.

so. the header used to say “let’s get real” because i’m all about getting down to business and calling it like i see it. it’s my blog. my rules. i write about whatever’s on my mind, what i’m up to, who’s infiltrating my eyes, and where i’m spending my time. that isn’t changing. what is changing, is the way i approach life. or at least the way i think about it. or maybe just the words i repeat over and over again in my head.

it’s a small phrase – only three words, COME WHAT MAY, but it packs a crazy big punch. to me, it’s a constant reminder of my faith. isn’t it really just saying, it’s up to you, God? i mean, seriously. break it down here. come what may. you’re leaving life up to something bigger than you. you’re letting go. you’re saying it’s okay to not always be in control of things. and that you’re willing to take whatever life throws your way, good, bad, ugly, and ridiculously awesome. it’s a really smart mantra if you don’t want to let stress rule your life or if you don’t want to freak out that life isn’t going the way you planned {hello, pot, i’m kettle}. you’re quite literally giving life to the words of Jeremiah 29:11. i do believe in the plan God has for me – and that it’s not a plan to harm me. i just have to trust, obey, believe, and keep the faith. okay. not so hard {yeah right}. it’s an attitude change. a good one. and one that’s probably overdue for me.

i’m learning i’m a lot like my nana. i’m a worrier {to a certain extent} and i’m pretty emotional {hallmark cards make me cry}. i wear my heart on my sleeve, and it’s painfully obvious at times. but i’m also like my daddy. i’m super stubborn, i work my ass off, and don’t take no for an answer. then i’m my mama’s daughter {and not just because i look like her}. i’m strong, faithful, compassionate, i’m a defender, and borderline OCD and ADD when it comes to some things {but we won’t go there now}. what these three influencers have in common is that they deeply love Jesus Christ and believe in His plan, and trust Him, completely. if they can trust, so can i. it’s just going to take a lil time to figure out how to fully grasp and run with that.

no matter how much i wanna grab the wheel and steer my own life, i can’t. God knows what He’s doing. and He’s doing it on His time. regardless of my pleas, foot-stomping, and fit throwing. i’m trying to embrace the joys everyday brings, not question every single thing, and find meaning in the little moments. come what may is pretty perfect for me to adopt as my mantra at this point in life. it sums up where i am. how i feel. how i want to react to life and all its qualms. i’m taking whatever’s thrown my way, being confident in who I am, and trusting that the big guy’s grand plan is far greater than me, and will be revealed in His timing.

what a relief. right?

come what may, my friends. come. what. may.