dear 17-year-old me…

some of my friends recently posted notes to the 17-year-old version of themselves. i like the idea, enough that i’m going to do it, too. i wasn’t going to at first, but i changed my mind, and that’s my prerogative. right? there’s a song about that…

anywhoodle. i digress.

dear seventeen-year-old ellie p,

you, my dear, need to embrace your dorky-ness. it’s okay. really. you’ll learn later that being in touch with your inner geek is all the rage. don’t fret it; own it.

don’t stop playing the saxophone just because you quit band to follow your heart and sing, sing, sing. you can do two things. really. it’s possible. even if you do it at home, in the 15 seconds of free time you have. keep honking on that bad boy.

realize that being popular is over-rated. it’s selling out. because it isn’t you. and that’s okay. be who you were born to be – who God made you. not who everyone else wants you to be. you’re better off on the road less followed – but you already know that.

don’t worry about not getting invited to parties. most of the parties are full of things you don’t want to do anyway and that’s just not your jam. and it never will be.

quit drooling over those silly popular boys. sure, they’re cute now, but wait until you see them in 10 years. you’ll die laughing. i prooooomise. those used to be hotties are now bonafide losers, with lame jobs {if they have a job at all}, and those hot bods? yeah. long gone.

don’t bust your chops to cultivate friendships. the truth is, you won’t be friends with 95% of these people a couple years after you graduate. you’ll all go your own ways. and that’s okay. those aren’t the friendships you’ll cherish for a lifetime, you made those when you were a lil tike at second pres, and the rest of those bosom buddies will appear in and after college. you know who matters now – focus on them.

your brother is actually quite cool. and most definitely cooler than you give him credit for being. love him. soak up the time with him. one day, he’ll move out of state for a baller new job and you’ll be super sad.

stick to your guns. they make you who you are. you aren’t the only one not having sex, regardless of what you think, or what everyone else tells you. you love yourself — and your future husband — enough to not give it up to the first boy you loved…or any thereafter. good for you.

lay off the glitter.

smile. always, always smile. mom and dad paid a handsome amount of holler-dollars to get your grill looking like it does now. show it off.

be proud of your scar. without it, your life would be outrageously different, and much shorter. {that means, don’t start crying when you’re dress shopping because you can see the scar. it’s pseudo cleave!}

do not, i repeat, doooo not, wimp out when it comes to running fence lines. suck it up. you have it in you.

you probably shouldn’t eat those meatball subs before going on the road for soccer games, but whatever. live it up. oh, and speaking of soccer. this is going to be your last year where you’re seriously injury free. next year, you’re going to get taken out, twice, by a freshman trying to prove her worth during summer pick-up games. your hip will never be the same. but don’t back down, take it like a champ, walk it off, then get your butt to the training room, asap.

don’t waste too much time studying for your AP tests. the college credit you could’ve gotten really won’t do much for you. so, have fun, do the best on test day, but you may politely pass on the book buried in the nose routine. it won’t do you any good.

next year, on senior day, lock your car doors in the parking lot. if you don’t, you’re going to get super-soaker-ed in the face. you’ve been warned.

i’m proud of you for sticking to your guns. but i’m not surprised. you’ve always been stubborn and most of the time chosen to walk the straight and narrow. ignore the boy who tells you that you’re weird because you won’t drink when you’re seventeen and in france on a school trip. you are not weird. you are smart. he is weird for thinking underage drinking makes him cool. it doesn’t. it makes him a loser.

be nice to your boyfriend. being in two different worlds isn’t easy, but he’s a good guy. he doesn’t deserve your attitude just because you miss him and are insecure. that’s your problem. get over it.

when everyone else was trying cigarettes, or pot, or getting drunk – you weren’t. you were going to church, volunteering, playing soccer, or hiking through the woods with katie j or em picking berries and being good kids. this will make you well-rounded later, and will set a precedent for how you live your life.

don’t let girls get to you. girls are mean. they’re catty. and they’ll stab you in the back. learn the lesson early, it’s something you’ll always have to deal with, and it’s a fact of life.

spend as much time with your nana and dad-dad as you can. you don’t know it yet, but you’re going to say goodbye to your dad-dad very soon and it’ll leave a hole in your heart that no surgery can repair.

stop, stop, staaaaawwwwp blasting ‘NSYNC. jiminy crickets, woman!

remember those awesome people that brought you into this world? love them. don’t take them for granted. they will become your best friends someday and you are sooo lucky to have been born into such an amazing family.

bust your butt for your soccer coach. step it up this year. you’re going to win most improved player – trust me on this one. this may be the year that otterbein takes notice of you {and for crying out loud, don’t say no to coach koons when he recruits you}.

thanks amy & jac for the inspiration. i loved your lists and am real happy i decided to do it, too – even if i did start crying halfway through. sue me for being super sentimental…i’m marjorie ellen’s granddaughter after all. *wink*

you’re a good girl. and in 11 years, that much will still be the same. trust me. i’ve been there.

creeping closer to 29 every day ellie p