home sweet home

nine days in italy went by at just the right pace. not too slow, not too fast. hard to believe, right? i’m typically the one saying time flies on vacation and it’s over in the blink of an eye. thank heavens that wasn’t the case this time. i prayed and prayed that time wouldn’t pass too quickly and i’d get to soak up every single minute i was walking along cobblestone streets of tuscany, and God certainly granted me that. what a blessing.

i can pretty much guarantee my next bazillion posts will be full of stories, facts i learned about the places we visited, and a slew of pictures {and probably a link where you can go check out the whole collection or maybe a photo gallery on the blog…hmm}. but right now, i’m just happy to be back on american soil. i’m grateful for little things like ice cubes and iced tea, fresh fruit, 1% milk, people who smile when you say hello, manners {do these not exist in europe?!}, and seeing my sweet kitty.

i won’t miss paying 2 euro for a liter of acqua at every meal. but i will miss the olive oil.

i won’t miss the super hard bread. but i will miss eating gelato every day {sometimes twice}.

i won’t miss sleeping in a twin bed. but i will miss spending time with my travel buddies.

i won’t miss guarding my purse from gypsies. but i will miss roaming the streets in places like venice and lucca.

most of all, i’ll miss the indescribable feeling you feel when you look up at frescos that were painted in the 1200s and are still intact and full of color, the awe that comes over you when you stare at David that Michelangelo carved centuries ago, and the tears that come out of nowhere when you stand in saint mark’s basilica where mark is buried {the dude who wrote the book of mark in the b-i-b-l-e}.

oh, and then there’s this teeny-tiny thing we did in every city/town we visited, most of the time in front of something to identify where we are…you might recognize it! {cheri, me, mama & kim} once a buckeye, always a buckeye.

italy was a trip of a lifetime. if you have the opportunity to go, get your buns in gear and do what it takes to get there. it’s worth every penny euro.

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2 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. Thanks for the memories- keep them coming! It was great to share your happiness, wonder and joy! I feel the same way about China and can’t wait for Cuba!!! Lucky me- I found something similar in South Carolina with the family this week- what a beautiful place to learn from the past (more recent than Italy or China’s) and what a great place to make family memories!! Look forward to seeing you soon!

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