i’m nuts. are you nuts?

around these parts, if you’re an ohio state basketball fan, you’re a nut. truly. and you belong in the nuthouse. theeee buckeye nuthouse that is – the official student section of theeeee ohio state buckeyes.

HOMAGE is the official outfitter of the nuthouse. almost every single student can be seen rocking scarlet, grey & white zubaz, a buckeye nuthouse tee, a we’re nuts hat, and throwing around a rah rag. it’s just how we roll.

i’ve been dying to have my own pair of zubs since my brother rocked them at the osu/duke game. i just hadn’t bought them yet.

turns out that lack of a decision, err laziness, was a good thing. HOMAGE tweeted about a buckeye nuthouse swag giveaway and all you had to do was send out a RT to enter. hella easy. i RTed that bad boy the moment i saw it.

sweet mother mary, would you believe it, i won. i never-ever-ever win anything. like, seriously, neverrrrr. until now. and not only did i win, but my fellow cool kids club member, marky-mark, won a prize pack, too…and he started following them because of moi. can i get a woot woot for hooking up a friend?!

seeing this puppy on my doorstep when i got home from work put some pep in my step!

check out my loot! pretty sure i need tickets to a game now so i can rep my favorite local threads and show my endless devotion to the o-h-i-o.

me? excited? not at all…

thanks HOMAGE, i now love you more than i did before, which was already a lot. matt & ben…you rock my face off.

and now there’s proof – i’m nuts!

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