things i love {giveaway}: one dozen cupcakes

before we get into this week’s tasty giveaway, let me just tell you i finally gave up on beating this sinus infection my own. it was kicking my tail, and being the stubborn young lady i am {understatement of the year}, i held out, bought some otc drugs, and supped up on massive amounts of h-two-o. it didn’t work. today was my lucky day. i never, ever, everrrrr get in the doctor the day i call, but i did today. low and behold, i have sinusitis and my sinuses on the left side of my face are inflamed. spectacular. so, now i’m swallowing horse pills, sipping tea, and nursing myself back to health.

now. onto what you’re really here for: week two of the…

i love cupcakes. any kind of cupcakes. it really doesn’t matter what flavor it is. you say cake and icing and i’m so in {especially if there’s java}. i’m not picky. but stop the presses and hold the phone, i’m pretty daggone sure i found the most incredible cupcakes in central ohio. they’re that good. and they’re made by my {new} friend tammi who owns polka dot cupcakery.

tammi opened polka dot cupcakery in her kitchen in 2010. she whips up all her cupcakes from scratch with the finest, all natural ingredients available. she also specializes in fondant toppers and edible images. let’s just talk about her fondant skills for a minute. they’re cray cray. the mini cameras she busted out for the grand opening at amy clark studios in december were fantastic. not only were they beautiful {really, they were}, they were scrumptious.

now, back to tammi’s story. she’s always baking for friends and her fam. when she was laid off a few years ago, she took the bull by the horns and decided to turn what she loved into her career. {good for you, girl!} tammi’s hubs set up her first website and created a logo…and now she’s on round two of both {isn’t her logo adorbs?!}

enough words, let’s see if these pictures get you salivating {they will}:

told ya you’d drool. go ahead. wipe it from your face. it’s okay. my mouth is watering, too. the lucky winner of this week’s giveaway gets one dozen cupcakes from polka dot cupcakery! you have six ways to enter again this week. and don’t you dare forget, you have to leave a comment telling me you tweeted, facebooked, drooled, whaaatever. but i warned you: don’t leave a comment, it won’t count.

  1. leave a comment telling me what you’ll do with the cupcakes if you win!
  2. like polka dot cupcakery on facebook
  3. follow @pdotcupcakery on twitter
  4. tweet “i wanna win cupcakes from @elliehempleman & @pdotcupcakery” with a link to this post {don’t forget the linkedy-link!}
  5. share a link to this post on your facebook page
  6. check out polka dot cupcakery’s gallery & tell me which cupcakes you’d order if you won

off you go! you have until 12 pm EST on thursday, feb. 9 to enter. i’ll use to pick a winner, and i’m going to cross my fingers that you’re nice enough to share a bite of your cuppycakey goodness with you!

tootles! i gotsta go watch the voice!

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65 thoughts on “things i love {giveaway}: one dozen cupcakes

  1. If I win the cupcakes I will definitely share them with the man I love. Having arguments before Valentine’s Day deserves a special treat :)

  2. Oh man, there are so many steps! But these cupcakes are so worth it. ;)

    If I were to win some cupcakes – I would probably take some fancy pictures of them and post them on my Instagram. Then I would tweet a picture of them on my Twitter! Then I would sit down with them in a row like an eating contest and go to town. That would be such a good afternoon!

    And PS – I LOVE the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes .. But I’m thinking those Fresh Strawberry ones look DIVINE!

  3. just checked out the website, and she had me at tiramisu. that is what would get if I won…or mocha caramel…or a specialty order of red velvet :-) too much deliciousness going on.

  4. I’ll “like” Polka Dot Cupcakery on FB and share the link when I get home. (FB is blocked at work and I don’t have a smartphone with the internet. Boo hiss.)

  5. I am drooling over these absolutely amazing cupcakes! So yummy looking I’ve thought about eating my screen…. HAHA! If I won these I’d share them with the children I work with who have severe disabilities.

    I would love to try the buckeye ones amongst many others!!!!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    I shared link on FB and liked her page. Even if I don’t win, I am going to order :)

  6. If I win the cupcakes I will be sharing them with my nephew during our tea partys with his Teddy bears! =) I followed & re-tweeted on twitter! thanks!

  7. If I win, I’ll share the cupcakes with my co-workers. We all work at home but are having a meeting. They would make a perfect surprise for them.

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  9. The cupcakes would be a very welcomed addition to a binge day in the future! I’d make sure to share some with family…I promise. :)

  10. I tweeted about the blog post and liked them on Facebook. I would order the cookies and cream to feed my cookie addiction. I’d like to have them for the 30th birthday party I’m throwing for myself! :)

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