it only happens once a year

what did you guess? mother’s day? some other random holiday? close, but not quite. what happens once a year, and is something only i – and people really close to me – care about? my birthday!!!!! (i’ll excuse you if you couldn’t figure that out on your own.)

birthdays mean cards (which typically mean cash), gifties, and maybe most importantly – cake. i’ve had the hardest time answering the one question the family and boyfriend are asking “what do you want for your birthday?” i seriously don’t know, probably because i’m torn. let me digress for a moment and introduce you to my two personalities: practical ellie & fashion-forward ellie.

enter practical ellie: the young lady who wants to make progress on her townhouse/condo/whatever you call it. practical ellie wants gift cards to lowe’s or home depot, probably to use toward patio pavers, a new railing, patio furniture, or chairs for the living room. or maybe she wants a new ceiling fan for the kitchen. or super sweet pantry doors like these:

if you've seen these or something like them anywhere, please tell me! i found this pic online, but no store info. #balls

oh, and i kind of like this chair from ikea.

i don't normally like modern, but i'm into this seat, for my seat. (ha!)

now let’s meet fashion-forward ellie. this sophisticated chick is holding tight to her twenties, wanting to rock it while she’s still got it. translation? hook me up with some sweet threads from j.crew (obsessed, but trying to be thrifty [sad face]), banana republic, or white house black market. or, maybe a pedi with my mom would be super fun – which is on the table beeteedubs. i could also be talked into going shoe crazy on piperlime or at dsw.

who will win? or maybe the better question is who should win!

spoiler: joey and i went shopping for my birthday present tonight, at home depot (my choice!). being the super amazing boyfriend he is, he bought me two new six-panel solid core wood doors for the bathrooms, and a lighting fixture for the upstairs hallway. love it. love him! practical ellie won this time. maybe fashion-forward ellie will win with the fam.

the humble homeowner *soon to be the birthday girl),  off to contemplate the decision at-hand

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3 thoughts on “it only happens once a year

    • I think we are going to make our own but someone suggested that they just might be two sidelights with hinges put on them, so if you are handy you might be able to make your own.

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