paint pandemonium

(if you’re reading this blog, you may thank lauren schluterman, who effectively ripped my arse regarding my lack of posts. my apologies, ma’am.)

let’s get down to the dirty details. what have i been doing? why haven’t i been posting? i’ve been a little busy and you people are a little demanding! *wink

i finally caved and hired an interior decorator to help me transform my condo from blank slate into happy home. so far, so good. we met last week and made some exciting headway. we spent the majority of the two hours planning the downstairs rooms, and i feel good about the progress. we found a sage-y green i like for my kitchen, and, oddly enough, it’s called sassy green. so appropriate. the big 8.5×11 swatch came in yesterday so i was able to get a closer look at it, and i’m pretty sure i’m ready to go round two with the paint. i meet with the decorator again saturday morning, and if we confirm it’s sassy green, then i’m heading straight to sherwin-williams. obviously, or maybe not so obviously, this image is not of my house, but it IS an image of what sassy green looks like on the wall. it’s warm. it’s welcoming. it’s coming to a kitchen near you…maybe!

we spent some time visualizing the kitchen table and other accessories…and everything really felt like it was coming together. so much so that i wound up at connell’s furniture and bought a table! excited doesn’t describe this emotion, i’m just so stoked about it. i’ll post a pic when it’s delivered. a teaser will have to be enough: it’s a reddish-brown pub table, rectangular in shape, very clean angles. like. what do you think? join me for dinner?

what else? mmm…spent last night putting mud on the walls to even things out and prep for painting. it’d be super helpful if the people originally hired to paint before the condo was listed actually gave two craps. apparently it’s acceptable to slap mud on the wall then paint over it without sanding. ugh. it’s messy. but that’s what joey’s for. :) needless to say the poor guy was mudding like crazy last night while i was gazing at paint swatches and interrupting him for the pure enjoyment of it. fun! feel like i left you hanging because i didn’t tell you what color the walls will be? relaaaax. check it out! feast your eyes upon jetstream blue.

i’m hoping we can paint the bathroom this weekend, but i’m not expecting it. kitchen, now, that’s more likely to actually become reality. we painted the office accent wall last weekend. it’s an amazing shade of blue – nice, bright & makes me feel creative. important condo for what is destined to be the place i escape to for creativity when i need inspiration.

oh, and no big deal, but dad and i are thinking we might paint the ceiling. we’ll see…

the next big project: finding a couch. any ideas?

2 thoughts on “paint pandemonium

    • she was an immense help. once we started talking through ideas, i felt immediately better & got super excited. i probably would still be at a standstill if it weren’t for her help. absolutely worth the money i spent!

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